Nook HD vs. Kindle Fire HDX

By | October 17, 2013
Nook Barnes & Noble

Nook Barnes & Noble

The Kindle Fire HDX isn’t the only interesting tablet pc on the market, so I decided to give you an overview of another tablet alternative. The new Nook HD+ 9″ which happens to be a more improvised version of the first of this gadget to hit the market, promises to bring forth an unlimited amount of satisfaction to the consumer. From the basics, the operating system which was quite rigid when it fast hit the market has now experienced a positive boost in that the likes of Google chrome and Google play has now been in cooperated in the tablet . This has made the improvised version a more competent tablet in terms of the software in play.

However, a more detailed description on the observable features of the tab is essential in that it will bring out the plain reason that makes this device a hit on the market.

Kindle Fire HDX compared to Nook HD

One of the most important features that distinguish it from the other tablets on the same category is the aspect of weight. It is now rated as the lightest 7 inch tablet having a weight of 315g while the kindle fire hdx 8.9” weighs less than 374 g. This weight factor makes the Nook one of the most comfortable-to-carry gadgets of that size.

In addition display is another quality that keeps the Nook HD well ahead of the race having a resolution of 1440 x 900 with a density of 243ppi. This in the long run makes the gadget more competent as compared to the other 7 inch tablets. The new Kindle has  a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels which is even better!

Considering looks, the nook HD happens to be very unique, while the Amazon tablet looks pretty clean. One of the features that give the Nook an upper hand is the replacement of the slab of glass around other tablets with a soft, curved and raised bezel around the tablet.

It is clear that the replacement is worth the effort in that it stands out from the rest with an eye catching appearance. In addition to being very comfortable to use single handedly.

Summing up on the issue of holding it, the device has a dipped center together with a catchy logo, these two features reduce the chances of the device slipping and falling when in use. In addition the tablet is quite thin measuring 19.4×127.1x11mm making it even easier to use as single hand when using it. The kindle fire hxd 8.9” measures 9.1” length by 6.2” width .

It is also important to highlight other features which complete the device under discussion.

Kindle HDX vs Nook

Kindle HDX vs Nook

Nook HD Review: Features

One of this features that cannot be ignored is the dual speakers present at the back of the nook together with a headphone jack at the top having a width of 3.5mm and observable power key and volume rocker to the left and right respectively.

With that brief knowledge on the general outlook of the nook it is important to bring the price into the picture. Depending on a consumers preference the 8GB and the 16GB nook HD are priced at 199$ and 229$. A consumer can therefore decide on the commodity to consider.

Let us now focus on some of the features which are present in other tablets but are not included in the model.

The camera; according to the manufacturers of the model the feature was purposely left out since their target market wasn’t expected to major on using the camera but rather use it for a different purpose all the same.

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