A Comparison of The Kindle Fire Hdx 7″ Vs iPad Mini

By | October 1, 2013

Designed in the 20th Century, early tablets where only used to view or read content already published. However, Technological advancements have seen the development of powerful tablets that are able to perform more functions.

However, the high number of tablet PCs in the market confuses many consumers today. Making the right decision on which brand to buy therefore becomes a very hard decision for many. After making a choice on the type of machine you want, after determining the right hardware specification that suits your needs, you still have to make a decision on which brand to buy. Let us do a comparison that will help you choose:

Kindle Fire HDX 7” vs Apple iPad Mini

Let us start with the Kindle hdx 7”. This is a tablet from Amazon; it has all the features and tools to suit business owners and entrepreneurs. It comes with the ability to browse the internet, watch online videos, and edit documents and different types of files; you can also play games amongst other functions. You also increase its functionality by installing.

The Kindle has a 7”LCD display; (there is another version available that comes with a larger 8.9” screen). It has a 1920×1200 resolution, which Amazon describes as being “beyond HD”. Buyers can choose from three internal storage sizes, the 16GB, 32GB or the 64GB. They however, do not come with the option of expandable storage via micro SD.

Amazon Mayday button

Watch Mayday in action

The tablet runs on an Android 4.2 platform, it owes its amazing processing ability to snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz quad-core processor. Wireless connectivity is via Wi-Fi (Wi-WI.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth version 4.0. you can also download many more applications from the Amazon Appstore. In case you experience any problem using this device, you get 24/7 assistance from Amazon, thanks to the “mayday” feature, which allows you to contact an Amazon representative who can then access the device remotely or offer you assistance over the phone.


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The iPad mini on the other hand, is a product that carries all the features of an iPad, but in a smaller package. It comes with a 7.9” LED display and a thickness of just 7.2 millimeters. The resolution is 1024 x 768. It owes its high processing ability to the Dual Core A5 processor. This is an intelligent processing chip has a dynamic clock rate. It can therefore change its frequency depending on processing requirements; it also changes clock speeds to conserve battery life. You can install more applications from apple store; the device however, comes with a number of applications when you buy it.


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Compared to the kindle fire hdx 7″ from Amazon, both offer a number of unique features. It is important to note that Amazon is a new entrant to the tablet market; while Apple has been at it for a while, it has had time to refine its technology over the years. With the Kindle, Amazon has put a lot of work into the Kindle, which makes it a very affordable especially when you take into consideration all the powerful features packed in it. If you are on a low budget, the Kindle is your best choice.

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